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What is Citrix Podio?

Citrix Podio is a flexible, low-code platform to build custom business software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. With Podio, you can:

  • Citrix Podiocustom-build a business software system tailored and your way of working.
  • centralize all your business processes in one platform
  • adapt or expand your system as your needs and processes evolve

Citrix Podio provides a unified UI and set of powerful building blocks for applications and automations. Thanks to its unparalleled flexibility and connectivity, Citrix Podio can integrate with external applications:

  • external software, tools and services (e.g. accounting software, calendar tools, document platforms, social media, industry-specific software,... )
  • mobile and web applications (e.g. iOS/Android apps, web portals,...)

Thanks to these integrations, a variety of external applications can be managed from one system, and be connected to other business processes. This makes Citrix Podio the best platform to develop custom business software solutions of any kind, and manage everything from one place.