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supercharged podcast

Bavo @ Supercharged! Podio Podcast

Bavo, who's been with Quivvy full-time since April, joined the Supercharged! Podio podcast along with Tim Castillo-Gill from UK-based Future Solutions. The podcast, made by We Are Gamechangers, offers inspiring episodes with business owners or Podio developers discussing Podio systems and the limitless possibilities the Podio platform has to offer.

In this episode, Bavo and Tim were invited as Podio newbies to discuss what it's like to get thrown into the Podio ecosystem. They talked about the challenges and surprise discoveries of getting to know how Podio works, building things in it and discovering what the platform is capable of along the way. This episode discusses Podio from a different, non-specialist angle and offers interesting insights for those who need to onboard new staff members into Podio. 

To listen to the podcast, tune in here, or watch the full virtual panel discussion on YouTube.