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Quivvy Portal

Quivvy Portal: Our new client portal

Over the past few months, we have been working on an integrated & transparent way to communicate with our clients about the work we do for them.

We connected Podio with Drupal to build the Quivvy Portal, our new client portal. Quivvy Portal provides our clients with a central place to track the work we do for them, and communicate with us about it. 

Transparent & clear

All communication about projects or support tickets can be found centrally and, for the customer, is no longer fragmented across different channels (e-mail, shared items, chat, notifications, etc.). Our work also becomes a lot more transparent for our customers: they can always consult the status, progress and estimated duration of an ongoing ticket.


How the Quivvy Portal works


1 Submit requests or bugs

In case of a problem or to request a change in their Podio system, our customers can submit a ticket from the Quivvy Portal. 

We distinguish between two types of tickets:

  • helpdesk tickets (bugfixes and small requests)
  • backlog tickets (larger projects for which a price quotation has been made).

een nieuw ticket toevoegen


2 Track progress

Our clients can easily track progress of each ticket through the Quivvy Portal:

  • view estimated time for helpdesk tickets
  • view the status of the ticket
  • view comments we made and add comments to the ticket themselves


communiceren over een ticket


3 Meetings raadplegen

Scheduled meetings can also be found on the Quivvy Portal. In case of a video call, you can click to go to the online meeting directly. We recently started working with Whereby, a very simple but powerful tool for online meetings. No installations or logins are needed to join a meeting: just click on the link and you're done. Everything works within the browser. 

geplande meetings bekijken


4 Download & pay invoices

All your Quivvy quotations & invoices can be found in one place via Quivvy Portal. Thanks to payment gateway integration, customers can also choose - without obligation - to pay outstanding invoices directly from the Quivvy Portal.

facturen en offertes bekijken


5 Check Podio's operational status

Finally, customers can also use the Quivvy portal to view Podio's operational status:

  • Check when Podio is scheduled for maintenance
  • Check Podio's performance before submitting a support ticket

de status van Podio bekijken


Want to know more? 

A more detailed guide to our Quivvy portal can be found here:


Continuous improvement

We hope our new customer portal will streamline our communication with our customers. Like any Podio system, our Quivvy Portal is never finished: with feedback from our customers and new ideas coming in, we will continue to streamline and improve our customer portal.