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Custom Business Software Solutions 

Quivvy helps businesses enable digital transformation, by developing custom solutions to facilitate their business processes. We build custom business management software applications as well as custom mobile apps (Android & iOS) and web apps and portals

Custom Business Software

We build custom software solutions in Citrix Podio, to help you streamline your digital business processes.
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Mobile apps

We provide mobile access to your business processes and services with beautiful iOS & Android apps.
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Web apps & portals

Also, we develop custom web portals and/or web applications that can be accessed from your website.
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We take a holistic approach, preferring to centralize the management of every digital aspect of your business as much as possible. We are open to projects of all scopes & sizes and can build solutions for just about any business context.

To reach this, we use the power and flexibility of Citrix Podio, the best platform for online collaboration and workflow automation.

Citrix Podio Services

A Preferred Citrix Podio Partner since 2013, Quivvy Solutions is your go-to partner for every aspect of working with Citrix Podio.

Quivvy offers a wide range of services that maximize the versatility & flexibility of Podio for your business. From initial analysis of your business processes to implementing and future-proofing your Citrix Podio system, as well as support and end-user training, Quivvy is your experienced partner in every phase of your work with Podio.


As a Citrix Podio Reseller, we offer favorable pricing and a multi-year option for Citrix Podio licenses.
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Auditing & Assessment

We analyze the setup of your Citrix Podio system and provide suggestions for optimization & improvement.
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Implementing new functionality, streamlining & futureproofing your Citrix Podio ecosystem.
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Advanced Integrations

Bringing advanced functionality to your Citrix Podio system with Podio extentions & API integrations.
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Training & Academy

General & custom training sessions for your team, showing you how to work with Podio and its extensions.
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Helpdesk & Support

Our support team answers all your questions, fixes bugs and helps you improve your Citrix Podio system.
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