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Interns spotted at Quivvy!

Today we welcome our first interns! Jarne and Pieter-Jan are studying Applied Computer Science at HoGent and join our team until the end of May. They are developing a Podio-powered mobile app with us for their internship project. They are also doing research on Podio-related topics for their bachelor thesis. Jarne Spitaels chose functional business analyst as his study focus. He likes to look at software from the user's perspective. For him, the search for the most optimal user experience is the starting point of development & improvement of applications. Outside of IT, you can find Jarne with his friends or on the soccer field, where he wins one game after another with the local team. Pieter-Jan's study focus is on mobile apps. He enjoys developing apps for everyday use and likes to put extra effort into graphic design. Pieter-Jan is an avid volleyball player & as a DJ provides ambiance at many a party.   Nice to have you on board, guests! We look forward to working with you and hope it will be a great experience for you!


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