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tips for Citrix Podio

Creating Section Headers in Podio

If you're working in big Podio apps that have many fields, section breaks will avoid confusion and break up the items into visually recognizable segments.

While Podio has no field type for such section breaks, you can easily create them with calculation fields and some markdown.

In this article, we'll explain how you can do this and provide you with some lines of code you can grab and paste in your calculation fields.

  1. Modify the app template

  2. Create a calculation field. You can use a punctuation mark like . or >>> as its name

  3. Reference a field (Calculations only work when a field is referenced)
    • Start the statement with //, so it is seen as a JavaScript comment & will remain invisible
    • You can use any field name. As a convention, we use @Unique ID, since this reference exist in any app.

  4. Add Markdown elements, each between quotation marks and separated by a + sign
    Markdown is a simple way to create formatted text in the calculation field's plain text editor
    • "# Section": creates a section header in H1 style
    • "n": starts a new line
    • "---": displays a full-width horizontal line
    • "*text*": displays text in italics
    • "**text**": displays bold text

  5. Save the app template. Your section header will appear in every item of the app as soon as it has been created. In items you're still creating, the section breaks are not visible yet.


Here are few examples of section breaks created with calculation fields, along with the code to make them. If you copy & paste the code, don't forget to re-activate the blue token of the field reference.

1) Title

simple section header

To make a basic section header like the one above, copy this code into your calculation field and re-activate the blue token.

//@Unique ID

2) Horizontal line

Podio section break with horizontal line

Here's how to make a horizontal line to divide the item into sections, without title.

//@Unique ID
"---" + "n"

3) Title + Horizontal line

Podio section break: title + horizontal line

Create a title followed by a horizontal line

//@Unique ID
"# Section Title" + "n" + "---"

4) Horizontal line + Title

Podio section break: horizontal line + title

Maybe you'd rather have the title underneath the horizontal line? With some whitespace between both?

//@Unique ID
"---" + "n" + " " + "n" + "# SECTION TITLE" + "n"

5) Title between horizontal lines

Podio section break: title between horizontal lines

Or you'd rather have the title between two horizontal lines?

//@Unique ID
"---" + "n" + "# SECTION TITLE" + "n" + "---" + "n"

6) Title, horizontal line & description

Podio section break: title, horizontal line & description

You can also add a description to the section header, e.g. in italics:

//@Unique ID
"# SECTION TITLE" + "n" + "---" + "n" + "*Description*" + "n"