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What if you could set up a working environment that centralizes all your business processes and completely adapts to your way of working?

Switch to Podio and organize everything you do on one web-based platform.

Podio is the most flexible and versatile online project management platform ever. It can be adapted to just about any business context. Working in your own digital Podio environment, with customised automations, will enable you to work faster, smarter & more efficiently.

One Platform to rule them all

Team communication. File sharing. Project management. Why use separate systems if you can do it all on one? Podio is an online project management platform that can be adjusted to any business context. Its modular design and strong connectivity enable you to unify all your work and communication in one strong tool.

Custom Workflows & Automations

With all previously separate processes in one place, you can now connect them into workflows and add powerful automations that can save you hours of time, every day.

Extended Functionality

Developer-built extensions further enhance Podio’s functionality. Quivvy can implement these tools for your business or develop a custom extension to do exactly that one thing you need. As your consultant, Quivvy is there to guide you through the process of bringing all your business processes to Citrix Podio. We take a bottom-up approach. Starting from your input, we develop the perfect working environment for your business together. Find out more about our approach here.

Podio is an extremely flexible and completely customizable online hub for work and communication. Because it's so user friendly and scales easily, it's an Editors' Choice winner.

Jill Duffy, PC Mag

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