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Quivvy Solutions offers consultancy services to help your business work smarter, faster & more efficiently. We do this by implementing Citrix Podio for your organization. Citrix Podio is an extremely flexible & versatile project management platform that can be turned into a digital ecosystem, enabling you to streamline your business processes and add time-saving automations.

As our services are fully tailored to your needs, so are our prices. Please contact us for a detailed quotation.

Main services & pricing indications

Analysis & Auditing

We analyze your business processes, working methods and used tools. We then show you ways to streamline and optimize your digital processes. If you are already working with Podio, we can audit your Podio system and suggest opportunities for optimization. We offer Analysis & auditing starting from €800. Please contact us for a custom quotation.

Podio implementation

Based on your current and desired way of working, we build custom Citrix Podio systems for your business. Prices vary depending on the size and scope of your project. Please contact us for a custom quote.

API integrations

To implement advanced functionality not offered within Podio, API integrations come to the rescue. Through API integrations, we can facilitate advanced functionality or build integrations between Citrix Podio and external tools, e.g. accounting software. API integrations can be carried out starting from €1600. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Podio training

We offer customized training sessions for your business. We show your team how to work with Podio and providing practice directly within your own Podio system. We currently offer two types of custom Podio training:

  • Basic training (working with Podio, applied to your organization's Podio working environment) - €1200
  • Advanced training (managing your Podio system and building workflow automations) - €1800

Please contact us to discuss options for other Podio training formats.


Delivery & Returns

The draft and development will start as soon as possible after written assignment and delivery of required material. Quivvy will do its utmost best to deliver the project by the requested deadline. If there is a threat of exceeding the agreed delivery time, this will be communicated to the client immediately.

For 30 days after delivery, the client has the opportunity to report clearly defined defects to Quivvy.

If the dispute is well founded, Quivvy will remedy. If no defects are reported to Quivvy within the aforementioned period, any possibility of dispute will lapse. Incorrect information provided by the client that leads to defects in the delivered services is explicitly not understood as "defects".

Please read the full delivery and dispute policies in our General Conditions.

Legal information

Quivvy Solutions is the commercial name of the company Zyprio BV

Zyprio BV

VAT: BE0889.875.426

Registered Office Address: Bergstraat 14 / E1, 9921 Vinderhoute, Belgium

For more detailed legal information, please read our policies