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Flexibility is both Citrix Podio's greatest strength and its greatest weakness. You are able to design smart, efficient business workflows as well as messy, malfunctioning ones (or, most likely, something in between).

Ask the expert

If you’re looking for a Podio expert’s advice on the design of your Podio system and find out where there is room for improvement or optimization, Quivvy is your partner to audit your Podio system.

With over 8 years of advanced user experience as a Preferred Podio Partner, we know Podio inside out, and are familiar with the many ways to build great Podio systems.  

So whether you’ve just built your first Podio system and want to review it before taking off, or whether you’re an experienced Podio user looking for optimization and efficiency gains, a Podio audit by Quivvy can prove incredibly helpful.


Ask the outsider

As an outsider to your organization, we will review your structure independently and look at the Podio system you’ve become familiar with from a different angle. Our recommendations include a technical analysis of your apps’ dependencies and a thorough analysis from a process design and user experience perspective.

Decide yourself

From our extensive audit, you are then free to decide what issues you want to tackle and how. The audit might inspire you to implement a number of changes internally, or lead you to having them implemented by Quivvy or another Preferred Podio Partner.

How it works

A Podio audit is a combination of a thorough manual review of all your workspaces and apps, along with a technical audit of your Podio structure with QuivvyTools, our Podio monitoring tool.

For our technical analysis, we make use of QuivvyTools, our own Podio extension, to gain insight into your structure:

  •    ▷ track dependency errors in your Podio structure and Workflow Automations
  •    ▷ gain insight into app relationships and calculations

For each of your apps, we will provide you with 3 screenshots:

  •    ▷ a dependency snapshot (overview of all relationships by field)
  •    ▷ a dependency diagram (diagram visualization of your app relationships)
  •    ▷ an error overview (in case any broken dependencies were found)

We analyze the following aspects of your Podio organization:

  • For every workspace:
    •    ▷ settings (e.g. the number of admin users in a workspace)
    •    ▷ purpose and apps (e.g. do the apps fit the workspace's purpose? Which apps could be added or moved? )

  • For every app:
    •    ▷ App settings
    •    ▷ App relationships
    •    ▷ App calculations
    •    ▷ App fields
    •    ▷ App flows (native workflows / workflow automations)
    •    ▷ App views & reports 

You will receive a comprehensive document that starts with general recommendations for your complete Podio organization, followed by the more specific remarks for your workspaces and apps. Dependency screenshots from QuivvyTools will be added for every workspace and app.

We conclude the audit with a videocall for a short discussion of the recommendations.


For our Podio audits, we charge a flat fee per app, depending on your Podio subscription:

  •    ▷ podio basic : €100 per app
  •    ▷ podio plus: €125 per app (includes native workflows)
  •    ▷ podio premium: €150 per app (includes workflow automations)

If you'd like an audit of your Podio setup, contact us here and mention the amount of apps.

Delivery time: 2 weeks after payment.