Podio Implementation

Migrate to or within Podio

Quivvy is your ideal partner if you want to migrate your entire workflow to Podio or transform workflows within your organisation’s Podio infrastructure. To do this, we take a step-by-step approach so as to keep all your existing processes intact.

Careful preparation

Podio’s modular structure allows us to configure it from the ground up, taking your current systems and business processes as a starting point. We look at how you work now, what tools you already use, and which processes you envision for the future.

Then, we configure Podio to take over and improve all this functionality. We look at how previously separate processes can be connected into workflows and where these workflows can be automated to save you hours of time every day. Tools you already use can be either replaced by Podio, or connected to Podio to work together effortlessly.

Step-by-step implementation

We carefully migrate your data and workflows to an intuitive Podio environment that suits the way your business works, until you’re able to manage your complete business infrastructure from within Podio. Step by step, we transfer your systems and processes towards your Podio working environment. During this process, we keep an eye on existing interactions, to guarantee a smooth transition.


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