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Web Apps & Web Portals

In the same way as our mobile apps, we deliver web apps and web portals that can be accessed from any browser. They can be managed completely from Citrix Podio, without the need for the end user to have a Podio account. This way, management of applications built into websites is fully integrated into your digital ecosystem.

We custom-build web portals by integrating Citrix Podio with the following platforms:

  • Procfu Mini Apps: this Podio extension allows external users to view, edit and/or input Citrix Podio data from a mobile friendly web app. Mini Apps function as basic web portals that are easy to build, with the advantage of a shorter development time.
  • Flutter: From the same code base as the mobile apps we develop on this platform, we can build web apps with the same functionality, accessible from the browser as well as full-blown web portals that can be integrated into your website.