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Your partner in Digital Transformation

Quivvy Solutions helps companies of all sizes to work smarter, better, faster & more efficiently, by building custom business software and mobile applications driven by Citrix Podio.

Citrix Podio is a flexible platform for online collaboration and workflow automation. It provides powerful blocks to build the ultimate digital ecosystem for just about any business context without the need for excessive coding. With Podio, we can create:

  • A system that works the way you do - tailored to your way of working
  • A system that works for you - thanks to powerful automations
  • A system to manage everything - a dashboard for every digital aspect of your business

More often than not, digital work is spread across a multitude of platforms and tools. Citrix Podio provides an opportunity to unclutter your digital life and integrate everything in one ecosystem, where everything works together:

  • Migrate tools to Podio if they can be replaced with a Podio process, and save on their license costs
  • Integrate the tools you really need into your Podio sytem, and manage them from there

Podio-driven Web & Mobile Applications

Thanks to its great connectivity, we can use Citrix Podio to drive functionality and applications that go far beyond what Podio does out of the box. We can build web & mobile applications like Android / iOS apps or web portals for a multitude of business cases. With these applications, you can reach external users and manage everything from your Podio system. Thanks to the joint forces of Citrix Podio and powerful low-code tools like Integromat and FlutterFlow, we can achieve fast development. 

Preferred Citrix Podio Partner

We are a team of experts that can help your company find a more lean, mean & clean way of working, thanks to the unparallelled flexibility of Podio.
As a Preferred Citrix Podio Partner, we boast a 9-year experience with advanced Podio setups. And to those who already work with Citrix Podio, we are your partner to take it to the next level. We help you implement advanced Podio extentions like ProcFu and custom API integrations to connect Podio to any external tool you work with.

We also run QuivvyTools, a separate division of our Consultancy Service that develops advanced Podio Extensions like our own QuivvyTools Architecture 360°.

Quivvy continues to grow every day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We cover many industries for both profit & non-profit businesses, such as e-commerce, manufacturing, business services, consumer products,...