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Quivvy Solutions is the new Quivvy

High school friends Mike and Silvester add a new chapter to the Quivvy story, with their foundation of new legal organization Quivvy Solutions. 25 years ago, Mike and Silvester both studied applied computer sciences in Ghent and became good friends. When they met again, back in early 2021, Silvester decided to join Quivvy - then still Mike's business. As Quivvy's business developer, he helped Quivvy reach new customers and inspired Quivvy to explore new Podio-driven services, like facilitating mobile app and web portal development from Citrix Podio. These experiments have been coming (or will be coming) into fruition in 2022. Now the time has come for Mike and Silvester to join forces officially. In Quivvy Solutions, their newly-founded organization, Mike (CEO), Silvester (CCO) and their team will be bringing low-code business software & mobile app development to the next level.


Quivvy Solutions helpt bedrijven van elke omvang slimmer, beter, sneller & efficiënter te werken, door geïntegreerde softwareoplossingen te ontwikkelen voor kleine tot middelgrote bedrijven, met een minimum aan tools en een minimum aan code.

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Wij zijn leiders in het ontwerpen van software op maat en mobiele apps. We geven nooit op, elke uitdaging gaan we aan!