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Quivvy is now a ProcFu partner!

Quivvy is now an Authorized ProcFu partner. ProcFu is a powerful Podio extension that allows us to achieve advanced functionality in Podio without heavy coding effort.

ProcFu's advanced scripts further enhance the functionality of Podio & its Workflow Automation feature. Also, Procfu Mini Apps allow to easily create web portals that provide external users access to Podio data.

Mini apps are very mobile friendly, so they can be used on a phone from which external users can input or view data from Podio.

It's hard to overestimate ProcFu's value for advanced Podio systems.


Three things ProcFu allowed us to build


#1 Remote printing with PrintNode

ProcFu allowed us to set up a secure integration with PrintNode, enabling our client to print hundreds of shipment labels per day, all done automatically with one button click.


#2 Barcode scanning and route planning with CodeREADr and ProcFu Mini Apps

One of our clients has 4 drivers who visit several stores daily to collect items for repair, and drop off repaired items. Using a combination of ProcFu Mini Apps and CodeREADr barcode scanning software, we implemented a solution where drivers can view all stores they need to visit (sorted by shortest-route logic) on their mobile device. They scan barcodes attached to items they need to take along, and upload these data to Podio with the push of a button. Finally, drop-off of repaired items is confirmed to Podio in the Mini App as well. This solution brought huge efficiency gains.


#3 Central error management

To monitor our clients' Podio systems, we set up an Error Control Center thatindexes and automatically resolves technical errors in their systems. Our Error Control Center relies heavily on ProcFu scripts. We wouldn't have been able to build anything as powerful without ProcFu.


Wizard Level 10

ProcFu was developed by the creators of GlobiFlow, the extension that revolutionized Podio by adding the extremely powerful workflow automations that are now part of Citrix Podio itself.

Based on our experiences with customers and proof or our ProcFu skills being at "wizard level 10" (as Andreas of ProcFu calls it), Quivvy has now become an official ProcFu partner.

If you need help with ProcFu applications for your Podio-driven business, feel free to contact us!