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On our blog we share updates on what's on our mind at Quivvy and bring you news, tips & inspiration for Citrix Podio.

Get inspired by the many ways you can make Podio work for your business!

Quivvy is now a ProcFu partner!
ProcFu is a popular Podio extension that adds advanced scripts to Podio, and makes it easy to create mobile-friendly web portals, AKA Mini Apps.
Creating Section Headers in Podio
Use calculations to create sections with headers in Podio. We show you how to make section breaks in Podio calculation fields with markdown elements.
Bavo @ Supercharged! Podio Podcast
Our allrounder Bavo took part in the Supercharged! Podio podcast, to discuss how it feels to be new to Podio and to start building systems in it.
Quivvy Portal: Our new client portal
From our new Quivvy Portal, our clients will be able to submit helpdesk tickets, follow up on progress, receive quotations, download invoices, etc.
Better rates for Podio licenses
Great news: Quivvy is now an authorized Podio Reseller for Citrix. This means we can now manage your Podio licenses - and offer a better rate.
QuivvyTools @ the Citrix blog
See why structure matters when maintaining and improving Podio systems. Read the story of QuivvyTools, our extension for Podio, on the Citrix blog.
CEO Mike @ Supercharged! Podcast
Our CEO Mike joined the panel at the Supercharged! Podio podcast to discuss common mistakes when designing, building & future-proofing Podio systems.
Meet Bavo (allrounder)
Bavo De Cooman will now join Quivvy full-time as an allround staff member, doing Podio implementation, training & support as well as creative work.
New Quivvy Website!
We made the switch from our old WordPress website to a shiny new one made in Drupal, a better foundation for many things to come.
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