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What if you could set up a working environment that works just the way you want to? That is flexible enough to completely adapt to your way of working?

Podio is an online collaboration platform that can be adjusted to any context.

Quivvy will be your partner to configure the perfect all-in-one workspace for your business. Centralize all your business processes in Podio. Optimize them by connecting separate processes into workflows and save time by adding automations.


Quivvy takes a bottom-up approach to switch your business to Podio. Your input is our starting point: we analyze your current & desired workflow organization. From there, we will outline a Podio configuration that’s perfectly tailored to your business. Also, we will suggest custom workflow automations that will save you and your team hours of time.


We then carefully transfer each business process into your new Podio ecosystem. Step by step, we exchange an existing business process with a Podio alternative, without breaking existing interactions.

End User Training

Once your Podio working environment is all set up, we offer you and your team training sessions to get everyone on board. We show you how Podio works and immediately put everything to practice in your own Podio workspace.

Progressive Insight

As you gain insight into how Podio works for you, new opportunities will definitely appear. We will be happy to support you in realising any further improvements to your Podio working environment. This way, progressive insight starts new cycles of deeper Podio integration.

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