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To further enhance your Citrix Podio ecosystem, Quivvy Solutions is your partner to obtain all the functionality you desire. By implementing Podio extensions and/or API integrations with external software, we can realize advanced processes that can’t be implemented through standard Citrix Podio configuration.

Podio extensions

We implement and resell several popular Podio extensions, that bring additional functionality to the platform:

  • ProcFu: advanced scripts and mini apps to build web portals
  • Globimail: integrating email fully within your Citrix Podio ecosystem
  • SmrtPhone: calling and texting fully integrated within your Citrix Podio ecosystem
  • Momentum Back-up: a complete back-up solution for Citrix Podio
  • Momentum Power tools: a set of powerful additions to Podio's functionality
  • Momentum Dynamic forms: advanced web forms for Citrix Podio
  • QuivvyTools: our own monitoring tool to visualize your Podio structure to avoid breaking relationships.

API integrations

Through direct API connections, or via the powerful connector Integromat (now called Make), we build seamless integrations between Citrix Podio and external software, like accountancy software or any industry-specific tool you want to be able to manage from within Podio. Also, you can connect to your website cms, mobile apps, social media and many more.